2016 Rates & Billing Schedule

September 18, 2012

2016 Rates were approved at the September 2015 meeting of the Board as follows:
– Monthly Sewer Service will remain at $75 per month ($73 if paying by the District’s ACH system)
– 2016 Debt Service Fee (DSF) will also remain at $1,000 – this is being invoiced in late September with all pre-payments due by 11/13/15. Any portion of the 2016 DSF not prepaid by 11/13/2015 will be certified to your 2016 property taxes. There is no fee to have your DSF certified to your taxes.

Monthly sewer service invoices for 2016 will be generated on the first of each month and due on the last day of the month. The billing office sends out a one-page statement & invoice, around the 10th of each month, that indicates your current balance due and any invoice or payment activity that transpired on your account over the last 30 days. Monthly sewer service payments are due by the last day of each month, regardless of the date your monthly statement is received. Finance charges are assessed on the 5th of each month, with statements prepared and posted between the 5th and 10th of each month.

If you have questions on your bill, please contact Abbie at 218-409-2287 or services@fiop.biz.

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